$67 Websites

To get your own $67 website all you need to do is drop us an email with your information and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll have your finished website within a few days.


Please understand that this will be a basic one-page website, often known as a calling card or landing page website. These simple websites are great ways to launch new businesses, or inform the world of your ideas.


For a bit more, we can include additional pages, or special features such as a turn-key store for people to purchase your products.


The price is low enough that you can experiment with your ideas, find out what works, and build on it.


We’ll be happy to expand your website as needed.


Basic SEO is included, so if your subject and its related keywords appeal to the right targeted audience, you could automatically have unlimited visitors.


To get started, send us:


Up to ten paragraphs of text.


Up to six pictures.


Up to six links.


Your choice of colors.


Your contact information, as you’d like it to appear on your website.




Hosting options:


We can provide free hosting under site67.net for three months. So, if you’re site is called Jason’s Big Idea, for instance, the web address would be site67.net/jasonsbigdiea.


Or, you can have it hosted on your own service.


Or, your site can be built on Weebly.com or Wix.com, free hosting services. Small ads are typically placed at the bottom of many pages.


We can provide an additional year of hosting, including domain name registration for $135/year, or $600 for five years. So, with a domain name, your site’s address would be jasonsbigidea.com, or whatever you choose.


Please feel free to contact US Web Design founder Jeff Napier for all your customization needs. You may be surprised at the low cost.